Things That You Have to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing, or cabinet refacing, has become a major business in the last 10 years because it saves people money when they do not have to have all new cabinetry installed. It is also more Eco-friendly because the wood is reused and simply updated and redone so there is no need for new wood or other items, except maybe some new hardware which will not negatively impact the environment.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing?

Resurfacing allows you to keep your kitchen as it is while still updating its look. It is best to let this be done by a professional and experienced company because it is a rather complex process and doing it wrong can lead to disastrous results. The cabinets are fully taken apart so that only the cabinet boxes remain. The doors are replaced and the hardware is usually replaced with an option that fits in better with the resurfaced wood. The veneering process is also something that requires experience and it is probably the most important part of the process.

What Parts of the Cabinets Are Changed?

This ultimately depends on the kitchen resurfacing franchise and they will discuss this with you. Be sure to speak up if you don’t want certain aspects of your cabinets to be changed because they may be able to work around this. How old your cabinets are will play a major role in whether or not the total cabinet can be salvaged for resurfacing. However, old cabinets can be replaced as long as they are structurally sound. In many cases, older cabinets are better because they are made with better quality materials and are sturdier and stronger than newer cabinets. In most cases, the following will be changed:

• Remove and replace and cabinet doors
• Veneer the front of the cabinet boxes
• Remove and replace drawer fronts

How Long Does the Refacing Process Take?

A good kitchen cabinet resurfacing franchise can get the job done pretty quickly. On average, it will take about two to four days to completely finish the project. On the first day, the company spends time getting everything ready for the resurfacing process. On the second day they will veneer the cabinetry and day three will finish the veneering process. On day three, the company will also install new drawer front and doors, as well as all associated hardware. The fourth day is spent making any necessary adjustments and fully cleaning the work area and new cabinets.

How is Refacing Eco-Friendly?

Good kitchen cabinets franchises work in a very Eco-friendly manner. There are several ways that kitchen cabinet refacing is Eco-friendly and these include:

• There are no new cabinets so no boxes to put into landfills
• New cabinet boxes are not created so no new wood is used to create these
• No hazardous chemicals are used to create new cabinets
• All of these lead to reducing the homeowners’ carbon footprint

Kitchen Solvers franchise owners specialize in kitchen cabinet remodeling, cabinet refacing and kitchen design consultation. We handle all types of kitchen remodeling jobs, but we pioneered high-quality cabinet refacing when we started 30 years ago.

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The Process of Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

Resurfacing your Formica plastic laminate cabinets in the kitchen can save you money in comparison to replacing your old cupboards with new ones. I’ve remodeled many kitchen cabinetry sets and know firsthand all of the things that you as a customer should be aware of. So, in this article you will learn valuable information that will help your re-lamination job go smoothly.

Here’s what’s going to happen…The doors will be removed, the cupboard surfaces will be thoroughly sanded and the new laminate will be glued on. The existing Formica WILL NOT be striped off of the cupboards.

It will be your responsibility to empty the cabinets entirely. Nothing should be left in them at all. There’s going to be a lot of dust and laminate chips flying all inside the cabinetry and besides, the workers should not be expected to carefully work around your valuables. Everything on the countertops must be removed as well.

Plan on Eating Out for a Few Days
During the recovering process, there will be unbearable odors from the solvents and glue that will be used by the installers. The smell of contact cement and lacquer thinner will be lingering in the air long after the installer is done for the day. Your kitchen is going to be dismantled and all of the cabinets are going to be emptied. There will be drop-cloths over the appliances and countertops. The idea of trying to fix things to eat in your kitchen should not enter your mind for a few days.

There’s Going to Be Dust
From the time the Formica resurfacing project begins-until just moments before it is finished, there will be a continual stream of very fine dust particles launched into the atmosphere. You must make it clear to your cabinet recovering company that you want them to seal off the kitchen area with lightweight plastic. You should also take it upon yourself to cover furniture with sheets or drop cloths in the surrounding rooms. Home Depot and Lowe’s both sell inexpensive-thin plastic drop cloths in their paint departments.

About the Floors
You must request that your floors be protected in the kitchen with either drop cloths or by taping protective paper down. The kitchen cabinet resurfacing installers will most likely be traveling in and out of the house regularly. It’s important to protect the floors where they will be traveling with drop cloths.

How Long Will Resurfacing the Kitchen Cabinets Take?
An average size kitchen of about twenty four linear feet of cupboards should take three to four days to complete the recovering process. From the time the contract is executed, there are many variables that determine when the job should be completed. An average lead time runs between two weeks to two months. Some of the things that affect the time frame are the availability of the Formica plastic laminate you choose and the delivery time for special-order replacement doors.

Get Everything in Writing
I cannot stress the IMPORTANCE of this part of the recovering process. Having a detailed contract is what separates good resurfacing companies from the bad ones. There should be no questions about who is responsible for protecting the floors and furniture from the dust. If they tell you they will seal off the kitchen with plastic, it must be in the contract. If you are getting the counters recovered, who will remove and reinstall the sink? That should be in writing as well. It is good to have your resurfacing company commit to an exact date for starting and finishing your kitchen cabinets. It is normal for a fifty percent deposit to be required to cover materials and some labor. There may be additional deposits required as the job progresses.

Durability of the New Plastic Laminate Covering
Having your kitchen cabinets laminated with new Formica should last for a long time. If the process is done correctly, there will be no chance of the plastic laminate coming loose. Insist that your cabinet company use flammable contact adhesive. It is much more heat resistant than non-flammable types.

Getting New Appliances
This is the time to consider getting new appliances. If there are any alterations that need to be done to your cupboards to make them fit, your resurfacing installer can make them before applying the new laminate.

Doors Hinges and Hardware
Replacing the cabinet doors, hinges, handles or knobs with new ones is pretty much standard procedure. By replacing these items with new ones-it will greatly enhance the look and functionality of your remodeled kitchen cabinetry.

Resurfacing your kitchen is a wise choice as long as your existing cabinetry is in acceptable condition. This is a good time to have new drawers built if your present ones are not in good shape. You can also have water damaged sink cabinets repaired or replaced. It’s a good time to explore the possibility of changing the design of the area as well. Just because you are recovering your kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean you cannot alter the design of things a little. By incorporating a few new boxes and altering some of the existing ones, you may be able to get a new look altogether.

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Complete Cabinet Resurfacing With Cabinet Hardware

If you have spent time and money in choosing the cabinets in your home, or if you are looking to renovate or redesign the cabinets in your home, then you may already know that cabinet resurfacing is a great way to do this and save money while you’re at it. However, there is one aspect of cabinet resurfacing that sometimes goes overlooked. The cabinet hardware is a vital part of the renovation that is sometimes not given the proper attention.

Cabinet hardware has an important function of allowing the cabinet drawers and doors to be easily opened and closed. However, there is also an aesthetic appeal to cabinet hardware. People choose the hardware in order to match the existing decor of the room or to help to create a new design of decor in the space.

Because there is such a wide variety of cabinet hardware, homeowners today have more options than they previously did when it comes to choosing theirs. Since cabinet designs vary from home to home, you will need to choose the one that you prefer the most. If you move into a home that does not have the cabinet design that you would like, it is fairly easy and affordable to renovate them but when planning your budget, you need to remember the cabinet hardware as well.

There are so many different types and styles of cabinet hardware out there that you are sure to find something to meet your needs. The real challenge lies in determining which one is best for you and your needs amongst the many types that are out there. Some research will help you to make this decision more easily.

Cabinet hardware can be anything from traditional and simple to ornate and highly detailed. While the style itself does not matter so much, what is important is making sure that the hardware you choose matches the type of cabinets that you have. What may seem like a small detail can actually be a very important piece to the overall look of the design of the cabinets.

It’s especially important that your hardware complement your cabinets when you go with a more decorative or ornate design. A plain and simple design or a contemporary look can work well with a simple but bold hardware piece. There are so many different combinations that you can choose to complement your cabinet resurfacing project and have the perfect options for you.

Useful Link:· Cabinet Hinges always a great inexpensive way to spruce up a kitchen resurfacing project and a must have to really complete your project. don’t forget to make sure to purchase hinges that match your new cabinet hardware. If your cabinets have concealed hinges this does not apply

Learn more about cabinet resurfacing and cabinet hardware when you visit our site. is here to offer you with the largest selection of decorative hardware found anywhere online.

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Planning For A Home Entertainment Center

An adequate storage furniture is a major investment in any home to organize and cope with the diverse entertainment requirement for different members of the family and the type of room setting. Every family’s need for arranging home entertainment components is different and the ultimate choice depends on the budget, lifestyle and type of home.

There is a comprehensive category of storage units appeal to a broad range of consumers emphasizing on housing all multimedia equipments in a neat and convenient manner. These attractive and space saving storage furniture build to house TV set, DVD or VCD player and Hi-Fi equipments as well as displaying charming collection of ornaments and photographs. The styles for home entertainment armoire are diverse to fit into living room, family room or entertainment corner, from elegant classic to handsome modern and for both practical and decorative purpose.

You can find concealed cabinets, partly open and open shelf models available for audio-visual system. Some people try to hide the equipment completely, while others prefer a compromise of convenience and looks.
In period’s settings and traditionally furnished homes, the overwhelming modern style of the multimedia systems tends to spoil the atmosphere.
Some homeowners may like to hide away completely their audio-visual equipment while keeping them in reach. TV is usually fitted into the unit and can be covered by a pair of doors. The doors may have special hinges to allow them to open and flush with the sides of the cabinet or slide inside the cabinet itself. There will be spaces or shelves or slide-out tray for disc player and storage for accessories too.
High-tech, modern homes make a virtue out of their viewing and listening equipment and choose for open shelving which offer more flexibility and innovative solution.

Plan well for your home entertainment equipment to build a comfortable, safe and hub of family fun.

In general you should consider the following when choosing these multimedia console:

- right size for your equipment

- height for viewing comfort

- an ideal operating height to suit everyday access of different family members

- appropriate ventilation slots or back panel

- wire management design is important as many electrical gears house in one compartment

- enough drawers and spaces for keeping media accessories

- a more versatile structure of adjustable shelf and optional items for further expansion of your collection.

In fact, you can consider a cumulative approach when buying multimedia storage units. Home entertainment furniture need not to be purchase all at once. There are many modular systems than can “grow” as needed. Check out with the manufacturer that the range will remain on market and additional items are available. So whenever your family’s budget and storage need grow, extra matching units can be added. To start off, purchase only few units that include both concealed units and open shelves. Arrange the unit along the wall of the room to provide a sturdy shelf to hold TV and other electronic gears.

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Companies Use Home Call Center Agents To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Organizations look for ways to reduce their environmental impact to improve public relations, reduce expenses or just because it’s the right thing to do. Many call centers are taking advantage of a new generation of call center analytics tools that allow them to integrate home-based agents seamlessly into their operations, and reap the ecological benefits.

Environmental Advantages

Carpooling and mass transit may reduce the emissions from commuting, but the cleanest commute is one that never happens. Home-based agents aren’t dumping dangerous greenhouse gases into the air or burning dwindling fossil fuels. While this may not save the company money, it does reduce their indirect carbon footprint.

There are other, more direct environmental benefits as well. Heating and cooling costs are one of the highest expenses any company has. When centers turn to using more home-based agents, these organizations can move to smaller facilities that are cheaper to maintain. This not only saves the company money but reduces the amount of energy generated, the amount of fuel burned and the amount of pollution produced.

Coordinating With Software

Environmental responsibility sounds great in public relations efforts and company mottos, but managers are concerned with how these changes will affect operations. How do home-based agents impact department efficiency, and how will customers be affected by the change? With the latest generation of call center analytics and other technological tools, converting to home-based agents has little or no negative impact on a call center.

Technology has eliminated the barriers associated with geographic location. Agents operating from home offices work the same as traditional center-based agents. They take the same calls, have access to the same information, and can perform the same tasks. Customers won’t realize they are talking to home agents, and managers are able to communicate with and administer home-based employees as easily as in-house workers.

Starting Slow

Does this mean the entire contact center should be converted to home-based agents tomorrow? Probably not. Transitioning to a home-based model is best done in stages, with a few reliable volunteers taking the first home office positions while the company ensures company policies and technology such as call center analytics are up to this new environment. It gives both managers and workers the opportunity to psychologically transition from a traditional office-based culture to a new, more flexible work setting.

In the long run, there will probably always be agents working in house. Some won’t have a suitable home office, while others may prefer going to an office rather than working from home. Giving employees the option tends to improve department morale as each worker can find the best and most productive choice.

Call center analytics keep managers apprised of the operation of the entire team, whether in-house or home-based, so they can be sure the department is working at or above expected standards.

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Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities – 4 Companies That Offer Work From Home Call Center Jobs

If you don’t mind dealing with frustrated and angry customers or clients, then having to work from home for call center jobs might just be the right opportunity for you. Although the pay may not be great, but it is one of the legitimate work from home opportunities and the prospect of earning extra cash while taking care of the family and loved ones is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

But before proceeding, you have to make sure that the following requirements are met in order to be qualified for the job.


A home computer that meets the company’s expectations.
A USB headset with a built-in digital signal processor.
A high speed internet access.
A telephone with a mute button.
A power surge protector.

After you have met all of the requirements, it is now time to apply on either of the following companies:

Alpine Access

There is a flat rate of $45 fee, which is intended for credit and background check, the moment you receive an employment offer. That is the only investment you will be making since the training is free and there will be no more dues to be collected every month.

The starting salary is from $8 up to $12 an hour. Benefits like 401(k) and health insurance are included. There is no health care cost but the company offer a corporate match to the retirement fund. Shifts vary because there is no fixed working schedule. You could be working two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon or evening. For five days a week, you have to work at least four hours a day or 20 to 30 hours per week.


There will be no fees to be collected when an employment offer is extended, except perhaps providing the necessary equipments as previously describe. The salary scale ranges from $8 to $14 an hour which is accompanied with a host of benefits like health care, life insurance, tuition reimbursement plans, paid vacation, employee assistance program, employee discount program, among others.

Tele Tech

The pay rate is from $8 to $16 per hour with basic benefits such as health care, 401k, perks and commissions. If you are diligent in your job, you will be getting a 75% raise every few months. The interview is easy and all you’ll be asked about is your job experience and how confident you are to handle the job. Since the interview is online, you do not have to wear something formal.


The rate is about $8 to $20 per hour and you have to time your shifts in 30 minute blocks. You can choose to work on inbound or outbound calls – there are many options to choose from. A $50 fee will be collected for a background check, and a second phone line is required at your expense.

The above are just few of the legitimate work from home opportunities that you can come across, and if you’re interested on being able to work from home for call center jobs, then the above companies might be worth your while.

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